Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Introducing the Odyssey Red Ball putter! We have been patiently awaiting this new design from Odyssey. The engineers at Odyssey have built the Red Ball to specifically address and improve on two things: proper setup and proper alignment.

There is a large group of players that don’t know the exact position to stand and align themselves over the putt. This creates a sense of not ever knowing if the putter is really aiming where we think it is. That is where this technology comes in to play. The key to the Red Ball design is to help with this problem that people have of failing to have the proper alignment and setup. The design is an actual red ball, which is placed under a “scope” built into the top of the clubhead. Once you are setup correctly with the red ball inside of the “scope” you’ll know the loft and the face angle of the club are consistent every time. This design forces you to set your eyes up directly over the ball which will produce a precise putt each time. Once you have aligned the “Red Ball” in the center of the alignment device, you know you’ve got the putter squared and ready to go!

In addition to its superior alignment, it has more forgiveness from the design shape of the head. It is able to concentrate the weight well around the outside of the putter, driving up the MOI significantly. This gives us an ability to control off-center shots! Pair all of these technologies with the feel we have all come to know and love from Odyssey, we have a winner. We tested it in the shop and after only a few rolls, we noticed how significantly easier it was to line up and get the ball off to the right start. With all the technology and the legendary sound, feel and roll with the White Hot RX insert, you have every you need to become a more consistent putter. Enjoy the new Odyssey Red Ball Putter, I know we have! Come in and try one at any one of our convenient locations very soon!

The Odyssey Red Ball will be available to demo in all locations Monday, July 16th and available to buy on Friday, July 20th. At a price of only $199.99, it is a putter you don’t want to miss!


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