Odyssey Milled Collection RSX Putters


The newest line of putters from Odyssey combines both a clean look and impressive technology, which is always an intriguing combination. The new Milled Collection RSX line is milled from 1025 carbon steel to give it a solid feel and sound. These putters feature the Metal-X insert that you have seen from Odyssey before, but what separates this line is the look. They have a sleek black finish with white sightlines. It is both attractive and functional as the sightlines really stand out at address.

Additionally this new offering features a unique combination of shaft and grip. The black powder coat shaft reduces glare, giving the putter a sleek and clean look. Odyssey also gave us a soft Cabretta Leather grip with red stitching down the back. This grip gives the putter a classy and premium look while also providing a soft and responsive feel.

The Test

It is particularly hard to blindly test putters, but we did hit a lot of putts with these new putters to see how we could gauge the feel, sound and performance. For many putting is almost all about feel. After hitting a number of putts with both the #7 model and #1 model we found that each has a very soft feel, but there was a small yet noticeable difference. We found the #7 to have the softer and more solid feel, which is likely due to the larger, more forgiving mallet-style head. The #1 was still noticeably soft, but on mishits had more of a metallic feel to it, which is good for seeking feedback on the solidness of their strike.

To us the most impressive attribute of the Milled Collection RSX line was the consistency of the roll we experienced while trying out the various models. We paid extra attention to what the ball was doing immediately off the face, and there was no skidding or hopping at all. The ball started rolling end-over- end almost immediately, which made the ball roll extremely true to its line.


The new line of Odyssey milled putters isn’t drastically different than what we’ve seen in the past from the undisputed number 1 putter manufacturer. They have the solid and soft feel that we are used to from Odyssey, but the looks and premium components of this line of putters is what makes them unique. If you are in the market for a truly premium putter, then we strongly believe you should take a look at the new Milled RSX line from Odyssey.

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