Bushnell Phantom GPS


    The Bushnell Phantom GPS Rangefinder is easy to use and very convenient on the golf course. It has many features for such a small device. These features include a bite magnetic mount, a large array of courses, a good battery life, automation and a cool app to make this Bushnell rangefinder exceptional! 


Bite Magnetic Mount

One of the features we were most excited about was the Phantoms bite magnetic mount. The mount allows you to easily attach the phantom to any metal surface. It is the first time there has ever been a magnetic mount on any rangefinder! Having this magnetic mount makes it so convenient and inconspicuous! To add, this magnetic mount has a clip that comes with the device to make it more versatile than it already is! The clip is a metal piece that allows you to magnetically pair to the rangefinder and clip it to about anything you want! It allows you to clip it to your belt, your golf bag or to anything that you desire.

Course Catalog

The Bushnell Phantom features detailed dimensions for 36,000 golf courses across 30 different countries. I honestly didn’t even know there were more than 36,000 golf courses! Though there are many more courses than that and Bushnell is constantly updating and adding to the Phantom. Also, if Bushnell misses a course or needs to update a course, you can help them by giving them the information on their website by submitting a request form. 

Battery Life

    With the Phantom, you can play up to 2 rounds before charging it again, which was surprising to me because you will be on it the whole round. The Phantom uses very little energy since it is a small device. After playing those two rounds it charges via USB charging cable and can be fully charged in about four hours. 


    For those of you wondering if you will have to manually change it to the next hole, you can begin to get excited because you don’t. The Phantom will automatically load the next hole when it detects that you are finished. If that doesn’t impress you, the Phantom will automatically load the course that you are playing based upon your location. Technology is amazing, isn’t it? 

Smartphone Integration

    Okay, Settle in. You may be mind blown after this. Bushnell golf app is packed with many helpful features and it will make the rangefinder process more immersive and helpful on the course. When you purchase your Phantom you can download the Bushnell Golf app, available in iOS and Android. Inside this app, you will find layouts, including distance and 3D course flyovers with distance overlays. This will give you a view of the course even when you are not on the course. This is a great way to look at the course before committing to a round with your buddies. If this isn’t enough for you to try the app you have the ability in the app to schedule tee times for 7,000 participating courses, input your score history, SwingPro, and a pedometer and fitness modes to help track and train your way to a better golf game. 













The Bushnell Phantom has more feature than one would think with being under $100. The retail price for this GPS is $99.99 and is available in four colors (Black, Blue, Green, and Red). It is a great value for all the features that it has. Why not give it a try?

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